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Power Transmission Division

Tel: Tokyo (03) 6718-0131, Nagoya (052) 962-2231, Osaka (06) 4795-8814

Business Activities

We use our engineering expertise to meet the requirements of customers, supplying not only individual products but also units comprising existing components.

Product Topics

Products of Tsubakimoto Chain, Emerson, and other Group Companies
Sales and engineering of products from Tsubakimoto Chain, Tsubaki Nakashima, Emerson, Bulk Systems, Mayfran, etc.
Sales of products from ATA Gears of Finland, a specialist manufacturer of spiral bevel gears
Sale of products ranging in size from small to extra large
Motion Controllers
  • Wide variety of optimized diagnostics
  • Numerous functions
  • Precise operation
  • Capable of controlling an entire machine
  • Linked operation with peripheral equipment is possible
Sensors and Testers
  • Image capture with wide dynamic range (luminance differential: 300×)
  • Minimal afterimage
  • Proven track record in applications including monitoring cameras, on-board vehicle cameras, welding lines, and metal gloss assessment
Motors and Geared Motors
  • Compact, lightweight, quiet operation
  • Several series available with different formats and functions
Servo (Rotary/DD) and Linear Servo Devices
  • High precision and smooth rotation from low speeds
    Compact and powerful (high torque)
  • High-frequency operation, high precision, and high rigidity
Wheel Block Systems
  • No need to separately design drive block
  • Support for conceptual and design freedom
  • Applications include construction and bridge building, LCD manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and food production lines
We supply products manufactured by Chesterton (USA) that reduce maintenance man-hours and extend the service life of machinery. We also handle maintenance and repair work.

List of Products

Motion controllers
Sensors, testers, measuring equipment
Drive Blocks
Motors and geared motors
Servo (rotary/DD) devices
Linear servo devices
Chains and belts
Couplings and U-joints
Transmission/reduction assemblies and gears
Clutches and brakes
Peripheral equipment and maintenance
  • Power Transmission Division
  • Industrial Equipment Division
  • Industrial Materials Division
  • International Division

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