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Industrial Materials Division

Tel: Tokyo (03) 6718-0509, Nagoya (052) 962-2235, Osaka (06) 4795-8837

Business Activities

We handle all aspects of an integrated process extending from the development of applications to the supply of new materials and plastic products. As the sole import agent for dispenser hand pumps manufactured by Calmar, we develop and supply fully packaged products including containers and packaging materials.

Product Topics

Advanced Functional Materials
Advanced functional materials such as X-ray shielding materials, dielectric materials, carbon nanotubes, and fullerenes.
Plastic Raw Materials and Plastic Molded/Composite Products
Plastic raw materials and molded plastic products
• Composite products (auto parts, components for office equipment, etc.)
Precision Components
Carbon fiber and ceramic precision machinery components, components for office equipment, components for factory automation equipment
Hand Pumps and Dispensers
Plastic hand pumps and dispensers for medicines, cosmetics, and toiletries
Nonwoven Fabric
Nonwoven fabric of various types, industrial and consumer products made of nonwoven fabric
Automobile Interior Materials
• Sale of molded products incorporating sound insulating material made of nonwoven fabric, etc.
• Parts for automobile ceilings, engine compartments, trunks, etc.
Building and Construction Materials
• Sale of anti-condensation sheeting employing nonwoven fabric
• Waterproof sheeting (for port construction, golf course wall construction, etc.)
Stone Surface Plates
Sale of stone surface plates for testing and measurement, designed based on our expertise in precision machinery

Fields Covered

  • Nonwoven fabric
  • Functional polymer materials and molded products
  • Packaging and materials
  • Other
  • Power Transmission Division
  • Industrial Equipment Division
  • Industrial Materials Division
  • International Division

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