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Industrial Equipment Division

Tel: Tokyo (03) 6718-0160, Nagoya (052) 962-2241, Osaka (06) 4795-8825

Business Activities

We supply automation and labor-reducing systems for materials handling, processing, assembly, testing, packaging, and environmental equipment. Our aim is to provide an optimal solution for every one of our customer's increasingly high-level requirements.

Product Topics

Distribution Systems (Sorter Systems)
We supply distribution systems designed for efficiency and profitability that enable customers in fields such as retail, wholesale, third-party logistics, and transport to achieve optimal supply chain management.
Newspaper Production Equipment
As a system integrator supporting the print media, we deliver solutions to meet a range of requirements in paper, film, and printing.
Medical and Healthcare Systems
Building on technology and expertise from a variety of industrial fields, we work to satisfy the requirements of customers engaged in research and development, and production in the life sciences field.
Automobile Engine Machining and Assembly Systems
We supply suitable technology that mirrors the progress of automobile manufacturing. We help unit and vehicle factories realize a wide range of systems.
Testing and Measuring Systems
Using nanotechnology to detect wavelengths invisible to the naked eye, we enable still-image and video processing that is precise and quick.
Robot Systems
• Welding
• Coating
• Handling
• Palletizing
Powder Systems
We build comprehensive systems that combine grinding, drying, classifying, weighing, and compounding functions.
Food Processing
Superheated steam oven systems
• 8 to 10 times more heat-efficient than air heating
• No dripping
• Heat processing under ultra-low-oxygen conditions

Fields Covered

  • Housing construction and ceramics
  • Food
  • Paper and printing
  • Chemicals
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Metal machining
  • LCDs and semiconductors
  • Automotive
  • Precision equipment
  • Distribution
  • Information systems
  • Sensor solutions
  • Environment
  • Power Transmission Division
  • Industrial Equipment Division
  • Industrial Materials Division
  • International Division

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